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I live in Arizona and I love this state. It is really a great place that offers a unique variety of terrains, climates and cultures. I am married to a native Phoenician, as she calls herself since she was born in Phoenix, and we have a lot of fun teasing each other on some occasions since Phoenicians are the ancient people of Lebanon.

Whenever possible, I desire to be at peace with all men and because of that I am content and I enjoy life in any place that I call home. I have great memories of many different places and many different people.
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I have been working in the information technology field for many years and I have always had hand on approach to technology. I studied physics in college and I enjoyed learning and dealing with the discussions about the various projects of that time. I enjoy working, inventing and applying my knowledge, and so to have more opportunities I enrolled in school to get my master in electrical engineering. My initial focus was on radar research but later I changed my major to focus on robotics and automation. The highlight of it was actually building a robot that laid a brick wall. My first computer related job was in supporting and managing the corporate network for a growing company that built computers and sold them to other businesses. So I began my professional career as a network engineer, managing various networks.

Having great passion for automation, I enjoy scripting and writing programs to do whatever task I need, skills that have been very useful throughout my career.

I am very cautious by nature and I try my best to keep safety and security without robbing myself of joy. I have been involved with several projects that use my skills to secure and protect valuable data, information and networks... I have a great desire to learn about the new developments in science and I gravitate naturally toward developments in security and technology. There is much more to say about this but it suffices to say that my structured methodical approach has been very effective in this field.